With ImageSign you can trust images and videos again.

Platform for digital signature of image and video documents.

Seemless integration

We provide an API and a cloud infrastructure for the entire workflow. The application can be integrated into the internal IT infrastructure or an app, for example.

We are also working on a stand-alone app and an image and video platform for authentic images and videos.

You are welcome to arrange a live demo to familiarise yourself with our application.

Problem DeepFakes: The number of altered or completely fake images and videos is increasing.

It has never been so easy to generate or change images with AI tools. Even inexperienced users can create images that are indistinguishable from reality.

This is a problem in many areas, such as press images, images of damage claims, expert reports and much more.

Manipulated images can be used to spread false information or deceive contractual partners.

We offer the solution. Signing of the images as soon as they are taken and checking their authenticity throughout the entire workflow.

We offer two basic ways of labelling images so that any subsequent manipulation is noticeable. The first is the signature directly in the camera (Sony Alpha 7 IV) or via the signature in a smartphone app. Both solutions are based on the use of a crytopchip within the hardware of the devices. In conjunction with a high-security cloud as a certificate service, any manipulation can be ruled out.

ImageSign Flow.

We help you, in your individual use case, so that you can trust images and videos from your contractual partner again.

Create the image

Depending on what you are doing, you create your image with a camera, for example in a photo studio or at your customer's premises, with an app or with a special signing camera.

Upload & edit

Upload the image via our application. We can provide the functionality individually for you or integrate it into your systems.

We offer the option of making certain edits in a protected cloud environment using our own editor. For example, the crop can be edited or an arrow can be added. The editing steps permitted in the cloud are defined individually.


In addition to the signature, the image is of course encrypted and stored in the C5-certified cloud.


The images are now made available again. For example, to apply for passports or we integrate them directly into your DAM or CMS for further use online. With appropriate labelling, your customers can immediately recognise that they can trust your image.

Our Usecases.

Biometric passport photo creation

Legislation requires any manipulation of the passport photo for the ID card or passport to be ruled out. This is achieved on the one hand through a process without media discontinuity, but in particular through the use of a signing camera. In conjunction with the ImageSign platform, it can be ensured throughout the entire process that no manipulation has taken place.


In journalism, an image or video is often the decisive piece of information - just think of reports from crisis areas or statements by politicians. With a signing camera in conjunction with ImageSign, all image information will bear a seal of authenticity in future.

Insurance and appraisers

Claims recording by insured persons is an efficient way of processing applications. However, if the proportion of fraud cases based on images that have been manipulated increases, the cost efficiency of the process decreases. With the help of a solution integrated into the insurance company's app, you can once again trust the authenticity of the images transmitted.

Biometric passport photo creation

An important milestone for the e-passport photo took place on 10 November 2023. For the first time, we subjected the entire process - from the photo studio to the cloud to the office - to a live end-to-end test. The test was successful.

We were able to create and send a passport photo in the photo studio and retrieve it at the office with a code on an insert that the citizen receives. Many thanks to Foto Fuchs in Hanau for the opportunity to carry out the pilot in their photo studio. The next pilots are already being planned and will be carried out soon.

With our partner RINGFOTO, we are revolutionising the creation of biometric passport photos in Germany.

Ringfoto is the leading buying group for photographers in Germany.


In 2020, the Passport Photo Amendment Act was introduced by the legislator. The aim was and is to prevent the manipulation of passport photos for ID cards and passports.


The e-passport photo working group was formed on the basis of this amendment and developed a process that fulfils the legal requirements and offers photographers an easy-to-use workflow.


With a Sony signing camera, it is possible to increase security. Tampering is completely ruled out.


The process is currently being piloted. A start with passport photos for driving licences is planned for spring 2024, the further rollout for ID cards and driving licences for autumn 2024.


Further details can be found here: https://www.e-passfoto.de/

Contact us

We would be happy to advise you on your individual application.

In addition to cost-effective standardised solutions, we offer individual solutions for major customers.

Hardware partnership with SONY

Two powerful solutions to map your use cases.

Sony was the first manufacturer in the world to build a crypto chip into its cameras and enable a technology for signing during recording.


You can rely on our expertise.

Our team consists of highly trained and motivated employees who are absolute experts in their field. Thanks to their many years of experience in the industry, they are able to offer our customers a comprehensive, first-class service at all times.

Thorsten Weiss

Managing Director

Mobil: +49 151 70 57 54 14

Mail: thorsten.weiss@imagesign.io

Frank Moll

Managing Director

Mobil: +49 176 22 44 0000

Mail: frank.moll@imagesign.io

Alexander Clausius

Head of Technology

Frederike Haupt

Head of Product

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